Shades of Grey Sanctuary for Senior Dogs

Our Mission:

Our mission is to save as many senior dogs as our resources will allow and give them a happy life with dignity, including hospice care, until their days on earth come to an end.


General Information

For the last few years here at SPARRO we have been committed to trying to help with the vast number of senior dogs that end up homeless and in shelters. Our deep love of these distinguished older dogs has led us to establish the Shades Of Grey Sanctuary For Senior Dogs. Shades Of Grey’s main function will be to rescue, house and offer hospice to dogs that are over the age of ten years. These dogs will be welcomed as members of our extended family and will be given the opportunity to live out their lives in the comfort of our own home. Dogs living at Shades Of Grey will be given the love and dignity that they may have never known before in their life. Dogs who may have lived all their years outdoors or at the end of a chain will now spend their days and nights indoors as members of our family. They will be warm in the winter, cool in the summer, dry in bad weather and will never hunger from lack good food or clean water.


While we will be limited by the space available in our home, it will be our mission to assist as many senior dogs as we are able. This will include but not be limited to:

1. Helping transport dogs needing help to get to a safe home or rescue group.

2. Forwarding information on seniors in need to other individuals or groups that might offer assistance.

3. Posting their pictures and information on our SPARRO website.

4. Offering to assist with vet care or food donations to allow families with financial difficulties to keep their longtime companions.

5.Offering educational information of how to care for an aging pet.

6. Offering help with hospice care for dogs nearing the end of their life.

7. Offering humane euthanasia options for dogs that are in pain or suffering.

8. Offering grief support for families who have lost their longtime companion.


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Company Overview

In 2009 SPARRO branched out to help senior dogs and those with special need with our Shades Of Grey Sanctuary For Senior Dogs. To date we have helped nearly 100 dogs with special needs, disabilities and dogs that have just gotten old to live out their lives with love and compassion.


Shades Of Grey Sanctuary For Senior Dogs is an integral part of Southwest Pennsylvania Retriever Rescue Org. It is included in the SPARRO business plan and as such is a federally recognized 501c3 non profit.


It was developed when we saw just how many senior dogs where in need of rescue with no hope of ever getting out of the shelters. Sadly, these beautiful and loyal dogs have been abandon through no fault of their own most times and people are often not willing to adopt a dog they may only get to love for a few years instead of a lifetime. We have found that those few months or years are often the most happy and joyful times these dogs have ever known and they are especially wonderful for us. We live to see the smiles of the seniors each day who look at us and with their eyes say "THANK YOU" for giving us more quality time in a home where we are loved and treasured. SPARRO rescues and re-homes the young adoptable dogs that every family wants, but Shades Of Grey Sanctuary For Senior Dogs gives a future to the old dogs that most have forgotten about. In most cases, the seniors that come into Shades Of Grey Sanctuary For Senior Dogs are forever residents and are not available for adoption. WE are their family now and we don't give up family members!


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