Forever Residents - Santuary Dogs

These dogs ARE NOT available for adoption. They are the forever residents that the sanctuary is caring for.
All info is current as of September 14, 2017



Zeb was a feral dog in very rural Logan County WV. He lived in an area with MANY other ferals and had been there his entire life. Our friends at The Paws Squad started to trap the ferals and get them into rescues. We had the pleasure of agreeing to take Zeb in here. Despite his frown, Zebby is just the happiest boy now. He is warm in the winter, cool in the summer and dry when it rains. He loves being petted and is a very special gut to me. I always pick the underdog, and Zeb is that without a doubt. Zebby is 10+ years old



Shasta was found float down the Kanawha River in West Virginia on the horrible floods of 2016. She was rescued and went to the pound there, where she was reclaimed by her owners. Sadly, they had lost everything in the flood and brought her back to the pound saying she would do better in a new home than she would living in a car with them. She spent weeks at the pound with no interest until we saw her story. We picked her up the next day and she is a part of the forever pack here now. Shasta is 10+ years old.



Soos (normally said SSSOOOOOOSSSSS!) What a vocabulary this guy has. No one has ever heard a dog make sounds like him. He is such a good boy, but not always great with new dogs that come in. He is also the only dog I have ever seen carry four BIG Nyla bones around at one time. (He only has 2 in this picture) Soos was an owner surrended due to aggression. He is about 3 years old.



Jasmine (Now Georgia) came to us from....obviously....Georgia. She was not getting the attention she deserved due to divorce, so we agreed to bring her here and let her live the good life. Her former Mom LOVES Georgia and keeps in regular contact and sends a sponsorship for her. Georgia has bonded with Barb and is the only dog other than Maria who can sleep in bed with her. Georgia is 10+ years old.


Piper (Pip)

Piper (Pip) Born in the great blizzard of 2009. Our poor little girl suffered from Swimmers Syndrom from birth, and then cluster seizures. We changed her puppy food and she never had another seizure, and did physical therapy with her 3 times a day to correct her swimmers. She is now a normal dog, but the smalles of her litter. Pip is 43 pounds and all her siblings average around 80 pounds.


Marie Catahoula

Maria Catahoula, This is Barbs girl! They have a bond that is amazing. Maria came to us pregnant from a rural pound in South Carolina, and heartworm positive. She had a beautiful litter of pups who all found homes and Maria decided to just hang around here for 10 or 15 years. Maria is about 6 years old.


Tikva (Tiki)

Tikva (Tiki) Catahoula Leopard Dog mix who came to us from Kentucky, pregnant, at 6 months of age, BY HER BROTHER! along with her sister Ava. Almost 5 years old.


Ahava (Ava)

Ahava (Ava) Catahoula Leopard Dog mix who came to us from Kentucky, pregnant, at 6 months of age, BY HER BROTHER! along with her sister Tiki. Almost 5 years old.


Mr. Fluffers

Mr. Fluffers. My loving and sensitive boy. Had been picked up by the dog warden 5 times by the age of 6 months. The last time his owner did not want him back. Their loss and our gift. One of the best dogs we ever pulled from The Humane Society of the Ohio Valley (HSOV) 4 years old.


Jack Rabbit

Jack Rabbit, Puppy Jack, Jackass! Had his spine accidentally broken by his mother when he was just a day old. Has one back leg that does not work, the other is marginal. Happy and active and loves to run with his best friend Mr Fluffers. From Little Rock Arkansas, 4 years old.


Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus (Nero)

Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus (Nero) Catahoula Leopard Dog. Born here to Tikvha Catahoula in July of 2013.


Ebony (Ebby)

Ebony (Ebby) Owner surrender because of divorce. 10+ years old.


Big Tex

BIG TEX! Born to a spayed mother (Coco) in the back seat of my truck in Dallas Texas. My best little boy and constant companion. The combination of my Scout and Sammy sent to make me smile when they went ahead to wait for me at the bridge. Born April 5, 2017.


Keepsake Babe

Keepsake Babe In The Woods (Babe) Mom to my beloved Scout. Treasured gift from my friends Judy Mccormick and Josh McCormick. 8 years old.






Jasmine, From Pet Adoption League in Yukon PA. 13+ years old






Kenai, owner surrender, 12years old.



Sandy, golden retriever. Amish breeder dog, spent 13 years living in a rabit hutch. 16+ years old.


Coco, from Trumble County Dog Pound in Ohio. About 3 years old.





Bobbie Head (Bob)

Bobble Head (Bob) Hydrocephalis and parvo survivor from Monroe County dog pound in Ohio. Came in at 1 day old with his mom and 13 siblings 8 years ago. Has progressed to the point you would think he was a normal dog now. Bob is totally blind now.




LakotaLakota, 10 years old, retired breeder from Ohio   




McKenzie (Mac)

McKenzie (Mac) Catahoula from Louisiana. 12+ years old.





Adel, tripod, owner died from Butler. Supposed to be 6 years old.





Lonestar, Star Baby, Circus Dog, Church Lady, came to us from very rural Texas where she was living in an abandon church with her young puppy. A very sweet lady found them and made it her mission to save and find rescue for them. She would drive miles twice a day to bring the dogs food and water in the 110 degree Texas heat. An amazing post from Stars puppy's point of view on Craigslist had me on my way to pick them up just 24 hours after reading it. While her puppy was adopted quickly, Lonestar had heartworm and needed to spend an extended time with us. She just kind of fit here, and because of some aggression issues decided to spend her life here. Lonestar is right around 10 years old now




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